Ever tried to edit PDF? Those whose has never done this before always go in a catatonic state the first time they try. “How do I edit a PDF file?”, “Why is this so hard?”, “Who even invented this nightmarish format?” — these are a typical reaction of a newbie in PDF editing. But scare not! PDF is manageable!

This small article will help you get familiarized with one of the most popular and powerful document formats.

PDF editors

Most PDF editors presented on the market, apart from some rare aberrations, utilize similar workflow, similar interface, and feature sets.

Edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat

A PDF text editor by the company that invented PDF. Available for both Windows and MacOS. Utilizes cloud-based storage and document access. The most well-known on the list. Was accused of being to fat for the features it has. You will not notice anything if you possess enough RAM.

Microsoft Word

One of the most famous and popular word processor can also be used to edit PDFs. 2013 and 2016 versions allow to edit PDF as a .doc. A simple and handy tool. Perhaps too simple. A good answer to how to edit scanned PDF.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

$100+ application mostly known for its security level. Available for Mac and PC. Its Pro package allows to password protect PDF files, convert them to a great number of document formats, edit PDFs using OCR. A Windows version requires an additional add-on for OCR to be utilized, though. This program knows how to edit scanned PDF.

Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda is a web app that is also available as a download for iOS and Android. It has a very limited feature set, though. Not the most interesting item on the list.


PDFescape is another web app that has an offline desktop version. It does not guarantee that it will work in every browser — only the most popular ones have verified compatibility. Although the web version is free, the desktop one will cost you $3+ per month. This one knows how to edit a PDF file.


Comes in two versions: online and desktop. These are not the same product. The free-to-download desktop version is a trial of a premium product that watermarks your edited PDFs. The online editor which has no such limitations. Despite being online, the online version requires a launcher to be downloaded and installed first. It should be noted though that the online version has no means to remove watermarks.

ABBYY FineReader

Made by a Russian company for the world. Was designed as an optical character recognition application. Later, it was reconfigured to edit scanned PDFs as well. There are more than 20 million users of ABBYY FineReader worldwide and increasing. Latest versions allow you to work with documents in Cloud, Mobile and Desktop. A versatile and powerful text editing application.

How to edit pdf file with abbyy finereader

1 Open document in FineReader and click on the Edit tool or use the combination Ctrl + E

2 Click the text or image you wish to edit

3 Add or edit text on the page. Add, replace, move, or resize images.

Edit PDF files with ABBYY Software so easy! Choose and try FineReader free or buy at the best price in official store in India!