Choosing an image to excel converter app

When it comes to converting images to excel, it is important to remember that this is not a simplest task for a program to accomplish. A program has to be smart, flawless and reliable. A good team of professional is needed for this kind of job. ABBYY has one. A large part of the team works for the company for over 2 decades. Their experience is astonishing. It guarantees that the application doesn’t fail.

As for the industry newbies, their products should be used with great care. For, as it was mentioned, this is not an easy task. Inexperienced teams make inefficient products that make their customers to clean up the mess after the program. If a program recognizes only 95% of the text (which is considered good quality in OCR industry), and you have, say, 10,000 symbols in your documents in total, this means that you will have to run through ALL of your documents and MANUALLY correct mistakes that collectively have 500 symbols. ABBYY’s optical character recognition solutions have accuracy of up to 99.99%, which means that you save time, money, and your nervous system.

Choose wisely, choose professionals, choose ABBYY.

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