Using modern OCR technology to convert images to text

 Have a pile of scanned documents that need to be converted to text, and don’t even know how to convert images to Word .doc? ABBYY has a solution for you!

ABBYY develops OCR solutions since 1993, when the first version of FineReader was released. Soon after its release, it became popular worldwide. The latest version works with 192 languages and has a built-in spell check for 48 of them. This means that ABBYY is already 25 years in the OCR industry. And all these years matter, as the company’s 2.5 decades of experience in IT mean that it products have evolved to perfection. The chances of you facing a software malfunction tend to zero, and the chances of your business not being disrupted tend to 100%.

How it works?

Modern OCR products use new rapidly growing artificial neural network technology for text recognition. So do ABBYY solutions. This technology imitates simple biological neural networks that excel conventional recognition algorithms in all ways. This allows faster and more accurate results than ever.

Convert scanned images to Word .doc with ease with our modern OCR technology. Introduce ABBYY’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology into your business today!

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