Got a read-only PDF that needs to be updated? Don’t even try to rewrite and copy the PDF manually! This work is not for humans — it’s for computer programs. A good PDF-to-text conversion software can save your time and money, as no human is supposed to do these conversions manually. Here are some ways to convert a PDF to editable text:

How to convert PDF to Text


There is no need to install an application each time you need a computer to solve your problem. This is a web application made for you to do your conversion. Zamzar offers PDF to many other document formats conversion. The resulting file (or 5 files in total max) will be send to your email. You are also limited to 100MB per account. To exceed the limit, you have to sign up and pay. This also removes adds, enhances the speed of your conversions, gives them priority and secure conversion. Your internet connection has to be flawless in order for the conversion to be completed.

There is a glitch that makes a mess out of your PDF if an image is present in it. The glitch could have already been fixed the time your read this article. It also lacks the ability to convert text to PDF.

Some PDF to Text Converter

 Developers seems to no longer bother about giving their software proper names. This one’s name is… well, you see it yourselves.

Some PDF to Text Converter is known to be a fast and reliable desktop freeware. It supports batch conversion and encrypted PDF file conversion, capable of converting Master Password protected PDF-documents.

Freeware is not about communism: this one requires you to subscribe to their news in order to work. This product also hates images, and the resulting document has none. What did you expect of freeware? I would not recommend you to ask this product how to edit text in PDF.

Bytescout PDF Viewer

Another freeware (this world is strange). At least this one does not ask you to subscribe. It allows you to split and merge your PDFs. There are options for output modifications like by-line or by-paragraph conversions, and others.

The interface looks like a masterpiece of some alien coder. It will take you some time to understand it. The output often has characters in wrong positions, and you will not find a setting that will fix this.

PDFMate PDF Converter

And this sir here has nothing in common with the mentioned above software. It actually makes you happy. It preserves your PDF’s format, marks your pages’ numbers. This helps a lot in situations when you need to edit your resulting document further. The interface looks nice and easy-to-understand. Batch conversion saves your nervous system and converts piles of documents in no time. No ads, no subscription required. This product knows how to edit text in PDF file.

 How to convert PDF to text with ABBYY solutions

 ABBYY has developed a number of text editing and conversion products. Some of them are: ABBYY FastCapture, ABBYY Transformer+, ABBYY FineReader. These are all professional tools that make your former PDFs look the way they are supposed to look. These allow PDF to editable text conversions and much more. They would require their own article to help you get to know them.

I hope the article was useful. Stay safe!

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