Ever wondered how to convert a PDF file to excel? This small article is about to answer this question. It’s no wonder that so many people google this question, as PDF and .xls are now a must-to-know document formats for those who is devoting their time to business. The knowledge how to convert PDF to excel has never been this important as in the last decade. One needs to be familiar with convert PDF to excel software. This is a decade of the fastest transformations in business this world has ever seen. This is due to us getting closer to the day when we lose the means to control technological progress.

Technology is everything nowadays. Technology is everywhere. It changes the way we think, the way we work, the way we live. Technology is our salvation and our curse. The more automotive business is, the less human we are. It will eventually consume everything around us and beyond.

The day we lose the means to control technology (it starts to evolve on its own, without the need for humans to take part in it) is called the technological singularity. What does it have to do with the question how can I convert PDF to excel? Nothing. It was predicted since the middle of 20th century by many scientists and futurologists. It comes with automation. First, you do things on your own, then, you realize that a machine could it for you, after, a machine you created replaces you. Boom! You are no longer needed! The system lives, evolves on its own. Some would say that a system that doesn’t do things that has no demand by living human beings will eventually die. But who says the system needs humans at all? Look at stock markets, they are more automotive each day. Bots trade with bots, humans are being thrown out the system. And this is the way the system will forget about human being entirely. And all of this happens because someone googled “scanned PDF to excel”.

But enough of this the-end-is-near nonsense! Today we are learning how to convert excel file to PDF! (And hoping that the future is not as dark as most of us imagine.)

How to convert PDF to Excel

There are different ways to convert PDF to excel and to convert excel to PDF. There are online, offline desktop programs, free and premium programs.
Here are some ways to convert PDF to .xls and vice versa:


An easy-to-use PDF to xlsx converter. PDFtoExcelOnline is a new online solution that allows you to change PDF to xls. Here is how it works: you upload your PDF containing tables and worksheets, and receive back an XLS file containing just the tabular content, which can then be repurposed in Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs… etc. This is done automatically. This means that you do not require to tell it where each table is positioned. It also tries to make the converted document look like the original one. Helps a lot to export PDF to excel.

Acrobat X Pro

Another good example of software to convert PDF to excel. But still is another PDF to xlsx converter. Acrobat provides additional time savings by retaining rich layout and formatting features — including tables, flowing text, and comments — when converting PDF files initially created using the one-button conversion tool in Microsoft Office applications in Windows. Acrobat also preserves as much of the layout as possible when converting files created with simpler PDF conversion methods, such as printing to PDF or scanning to PDF. Acrobat X allows easy conversion of PDF files. You can simply drag your cursor to highlight any content in your PDF, including images, tables, text, or vector graphics, right-click to export the selected content to Excel, or copy the selection and paste it directly into an Excel spreadsheet. Acrobat X will everything in no time.

Convert PDF to Excel

This is exactly how its name looks like. Simply “Convert PDF to Excel”. It’s an open source project to convert excel to PDF. Is known for its flexibility and resourcefulness. Helps a lot while you work with a lot of documents, as it supports batch processing. Also good to convert a small PDF to excel.

Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter

Need a PDF file convert to excel? This is your tool! Wondershare scanned PDF to excel converter was designed for Windows users to help them to convert PDF to xls spreadsheets. There’s absolutely no need to retype or reformat the output sheets. It was never easier to fix errors, perform calculations, and reorganize the sheets after converting them. Wondershare preserves layouts of text, tables, charts, columns, and links of the original document. It provides two conversion options: to retain value without formatting and to retain original formatting of forms. Users choose the desired option based on the type of a PDF document they need to convert.

ABBYY PDF Transformer

This is the ABBYY’s answer to how to change PDF to excel. It also helps to convert excel sheet to PDF. It utilizes ABBYY’s proprietary optical character recognition technology. The algorithm keeps the original row and column structure intact. This helps to format and manipulate numerical data from your analytical report or a price-list a lot. If you are only interested in converting tables, chose the “ignore text outside tables” option. This will ignore absolutely everything outside your tables.

ABBYY PDF Transformer also performs these types of conversions:


RTF conversion allows your no-more-a-PDF document to ignore the platform used. PDF Transformer makes sure your newly created RTF document will be editable on the most popular operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows. The resulting RTF document can be opened in any text processing software like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or Apple Pages.


ABBYY PDF Transformer is a remarkable PDF-to-text conversion software. This makes life easier for book lovers that prefer using a mobile phone or a pocket computer, as scanned books usually come in PDF format. PDF Transformer is an easy way to convert a PDF document to text. This does not help to transform a PDF file to excel.


PDF Transformer+ preserves your PDF’s layout with great accuracy, which, together with a friendly, intuitive interface, make it one of the best ways to convert your PDF to HTML. This conversion is used when one needs to make a site page out of a PDF document. ABBYY PDF Transformer+ was designed to be easy-to-use, accurate, and effective. Try it!

PDF to searchable PDF and PDF/A

While scanning to PDF with a scanner supplied software you receive a non-text PDF that is made up of images only. This is not a very pleasant result, as it is often needed to receive a PDF that contains text where text is in the original document. What you need is called a searchable PDF document. And ABBYY PDF Transformer has all the means to help you with this task. It converts your original document to a searchable PDF in no time. The application can also convert any PDF document to PDF/A format for long-time archiving. Not a way to transform from PDF to excel, though.

Edit PDF files with ABBYY Software so easy! Choose and try PDF Transformer+ free or buy at the best price in official store in India!