Scanners don’t usually come with PDF scanner software. One has to search for it on their own. Here are some examples of software you are searching for:

How to convert Scanned document to pdf

Advanced Scan to PDF Free

Advanced Scan to PDF Free is one of the most popular free tools for making PDFs out of scans. Its feature set combines a dozen of functions that are usually unavailable in other free scanning software. Among these are digital signature support and password protection. You can also customize the size of the page and modify the compression type of your PDF.

Free Scan to PDF

Made by FreeAudioVideo Software company, it a state-of-the-art PDF document scanner designated to giving you a hand in the most dire business situations. As its name suggests, it’s a free application currently available for Windows PCs only.

It’s a simple but handy application in possession of the most needed tools. As needless it seems to mention, its functions include copying, adjustment, rotation, and cropping. These seem to be a standard for this type of software, but not all the apps of this kind have them. You can also modify your PDF’s metadata, send your PDF via email, password protect, and even digitally sign it.


NAPS2, which stands for Not Another PDF Scanner 2, is actually a multifunctional PDF scanner that comes with a whole bunch of handy features, and it’s free. Its main feature is scanning profiles that are modified according to the scanning source, document size, resolution, and other settings.


Another simple but effective tool. The application, which is free for Windows-based computers, gives users a short list of extra features, which is quite generous for a free application.

It allows you to merge multiple scans into a single PDF document, something that is often a premium feature. You can rearrange the order of the merged files, rotate pages, and import additional files from your hard drive.

ABBYY FastCapture

ABBYY FastCapture is a powerful PDF scanner app. It allows you to scan and index you documents via a web client. Outstanding recognition quality and flexible document separation enhance your productivity and save time for you and your clients. Its feature set is empowered by barcode recognition, automatic form recognition, and the ability to export to Searchable PDF/A.

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