Imagine that you sent a contract to your potential business partner, and he sends it back saying that he does not agree with a few terms, and that he has changed them in the document. The document consists of 50,000 symbols. You do know what he had changed (he said it to you), but you are afraid that he changed more. What do you do? Do you read the whole document thoroughly? No! You buy (or don’t), download document comparison software, and compare the two documents. And only then you are completely sure that your future business partner is not trying to make a fool out of you. And you proceed to the next step (whatever it will be).

Choosing the right software

And what software should you use for this task? You might think that the cheapest or even free apps would do. I have bad news for you: communism doesn’t work, this won’t work as well. I say, trust the professionals. There are hundreds of document comparing solutions, and only few of them are worth mentioning. ABBYY solutions are among them.

ABBYY has been working in the text industry since USSR. If these guys don’t know how to compare documents, no one knows.

Word documents.

 The largest part of all text documents is Word documents (.doc and .docx for newest versions). Microsoft introduced .doc in Word in 1983, and it is still one of the most popular text format. .docx was introduced in 2007 to replace old .doc, but it never really happened — not entirely. .doc and .docx (simply called Word document formats) dominate business. Thus, it is important to know how to compare Word documents. Because this is the way business operates nowadays. This IS important. For those who don’t know how to compare two Word documents suffer great challenges at work. And it’s not that hard to learn. Do it.

I would recommend using ABBYY software for the task of comparing documents. Not only their products are worldwide known for their reliability, but also for their competitive prices, making ABBYY business solutions among the best on the market.

There are a lot of other solutions that one can use to compare Word documents. ABBYY is not the only company presented on the market. And it is indeed wise to always compare companies and their products. To compare two word documents, one should first analyze the most popular solutions for this task. The simplest way is to just google it and read related articles.


Another big portion of text documents is PDF documents (Portable Document Format). It was developed in 1990s to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. These are the most difficult to work with, as they do not resemble Word documents much. To compare 2 Word documents, one needs a simple algorithm. To compare 2 PDF documents, one needs an algorithm that tracks the positions of all the elements of a document, for PDF documents are not just top-down text, but a complex composition of large amount of elements that have their own coordinates.

ABBYY solutions

 ABBYY’s text compare solutions are the following (versions not mentioned): 

  • ABBYY FineReader
  • ABBYY Comparator

 ABBYY FineReader is the oldest of the three. It is almost 25 years old. It supports text comparison in 35 languages, can automatically detect a document’s language even in multilingual documents. It can be used to compare text from two versions of the same document in different file formats. Among these are: all Microsoft Office formats, scanned PDFs, “true” PDFs, other scanned paper documents formats like .jpeg, .png, and others.

You can also save comparison results as a PDF or Word report for later use. It will highlight differences and has an option to hide non significant changes.

It should also be noted that FineReader has an easy, user-friendly feature to copy changes found to emails, messaging applications, and other communication software for more efficient and coordinated operation.

ABBYY products excel at everything they are supposed to do. As it was right from the very foundation of the company, so it continues and will continue to be true.

ABBYY answers to the question “how to compare word documents” with great experience, competitive prices, and friendly support.

More “why?”

Mentioned in the first paragraph situation is not the only one where it may be required to compare two documents. More examples include documents revisions, corruption checks, etc.

Document revisions are everyday practice. And the ability to compare revisions comes very useful in these situations. It eliminates the necessity to mark changes by hand and frees time.

Corruption may occur during scanning and recognition, minor software glitches, and even by accidental keyboard entry.

Scanning and recognition creates most mistakes. As technology becomes smarter, this become less an issue, but this still is today.

Software glitches are never expected but always unpleasant. Even Microsoft Word glitches and corrupts documents sometimes. No software is absolutely glitch-free. These types of corruption may never be noticed if not for text comparing software.

Accidental keyboard entry made by one of employees are also hard to notice, and text highlighting not always saves the situation. One can simply press “S” at the end of a word, and no software will detect an issue. There are a lot of examples of this type of corruption. Thank God, we know the way to deal with all of them.

 No change goes unnoticed

All ABBYY text comparing products utilize intuitive navigation and highlighting that together bring the most user-friendly experience possible. They highlight changes made and display documents being compared side by side when scrolling to help users compare documents in an even more convenient fashion.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize the fact that even the simplest task as this requires more than just 50 lines of code, it requires experience and the knowledge of one’s job. Don’t waste your time and money on minor league players. Trust the professionals. Trust ABBYY.

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